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Good news: nothing is unchangeable!

In the coaching process, increasing your level of satisfaction with yourself is one of my missions.
I am going to help you out of the negative spiral that fuels your negative self-esteem.

My goal is to lead you to take awareness and confidence allowing you to take action ... and therefore to achieving your goal! 

To change it is essential to act

• Give ourselves opportunities to value ourselves
• Bounce back in case of failure
• Learn
• Accept yourselves
• Let go

I will help you significantly improve the esteem you have for yourself!

I can help you take a decisive step in your life. I propose a first appointment to define your needs.

Other subjects
Self esteem

Self-esteem is an abstract notion but one that plays a key role in our behavior and more specifically in our ability to adapt.

To have low self-esteem is to be more subject to stress, anxiety, but also to passivity. 

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