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Coaching & Online Coaching

How does it works 

We are all brought to encounter difficulties linked to changes, expected or not.

Coaching then allows to apprehend this new situation and restore a balance momentarily broken. Providing tools and perspectives that allow the coachee to maintain a constructive vision of the future. To achieve this, the coach proposes to clearly identify the objectives, the means to achieving them and the emotional states necessary for their accomplishment. This structured and pragmatic method aims to seize daily opportunities to learn and progress and advance towards your desired state.

All exchanges between coach and coachee are strictly confidential. They are bound by a coaching contract. 

More info about Online Coaching


First contact : Contact me so that we can discuss briefly on your problematic but also to make sure that it is with me that you wish to work with. Your feelings are the priority!

Appointments : Coaching sessions can be done face-to-face, in a location to be determined together, or online (via Skype, FacteTime...). 

Since the beginning of the health crisis linked to COVID, appointments are exclusively online.

Duration : Together we determine the duration and pace of our coaching

Between sessions : I will give you exercises to prepare for the following sessions

Questions : I am reachable by email and phone to answer your questions throughout your coaching.

Procedure of a session

During the first meetings, the coach and the client take stock of the situation.
Then the coach will identify the phase of change that the client is experiencing at this point in life. Even if any transformation begins with the development of a project, the coachee can go through a phase of withdrawal where he needs to consolidate his skills and self-confidence. The intervention of the coach also helps not to skip any stages.

Throughout the sessions, he uses several verbal techniques: listening, questioning, confrontation. All contribute to help the coachee become aware of his mode of behaving and to free himself from his so-called beliefs of "limitations".

Between sessions, the coach gives exercises to explore new behaviors. The role of the coach is to progress step by step behind his coachee by ensuring that they are making the most out of their possibilities. One of the key words of coaching is experimentation.

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