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About me

My Method

I am a coach who integrates psychology into my work or a therapist who uses coaching to help you move forward.

As a psychotherapist and professional coach, I am bound by a strict deontological charter. 

My method is characterised by the use of different techniques, either simultaneously or successively, in order to optimise the treatment or to achieve your goal.

There are a number of processes common to both coaching and psychotherapy, which allow you to observe a real change in you.


I know how to adapt my work to your needs, your history and your period of life.

I help you to understand where you are at, identify what is blocking you and how to get out of it.


I help you get where you want to go.

I support you, I challenge you, I celebrate you and I don't influence you.

My great joy is to give you access to tools so that you feel proud to be the actor of your own well-being.

Since the beginning of the health crisis linked to COVID-19, I have developed my online coaching activity.

Learn more about Online Coaching

Let's move forward together 
  • Expatriation

  • Mental load

  • Self-esteem

  • Professional retraining

  • Business creation

  • Maternity / birth / fertility

  • Organization and productivity

  • Motivation

  • Marriage / separation

  • Couples therapy

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Communication

  • Emotions management

  • Stress

  • Anger

  • Fears

  • Departure of children from home

  • (…)

Ask yourself
  • Do you feel able to face your current difficulty alone?

  • If one can find effective and lasting solutions to problems thanks to a tailored toolbox, why not do it?

  • Have you ever made the connection between the way we face obsatcles and our physical or psychological distress?

  • Why risk exhausting yourself at work, devalorizing yourself socially, creating conflicts with your partner when there are solutions to avoid this?

  • Are you aware that you have all the resources in you to succeed?

Ask yourself these little questions.
I see my work as a preventative action for women and men who may one day fall into the struggles of everyday life.

Many of us are not armed, do not have enough self-confidence to believe in their success and their ability to succeed, or are just too tired.
It may be your case.

I'm here to show you the way out


Like you, I went through stages of life that put me in difficulty: lack of professional recognition, mourning, divorce, expatriation, arrival of a child, finding my place in my new family, management of my ambition and maternal guilt ... I worked, I put myself in a zone of discomfort, I looked for the tools to go through this, I'm aware of having won these battles today, but I would have won these fights much faster and with less physical and intellectual exhaustion if i had been accompanied by a coach.
I did not have this instinct, today I have it!
I do not want people to lose their precious time fighting alone, making mistakes.
I want to be there to accompany their successes and allow everyone to feel lighter.

I am Cristina Vilarinho, RNCP certified Coach from the High School of Coaching, Psychotherapist.

I am french and I live in London.

Over the past 10 years, I have encountered decisive, glorious and sometimes painful events in my life as a woman.


I have always had to reinvent myself and find my place.

I decided to think about my priorities, what were the values that gave meaning to my life.
Getting rid of everything that prevented me from moving forward, I created my company and every day i construct my perfect balance in life.

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