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The mental load

The mental load corresponds to two universes, most often professional and domestic, which coexist and encroach on one another. To live the mental load is to coexist in two worlds at a time.

The mental load is a source of mental and physical fatigue.

Coaching helps to identify the causes of this mental burden, but especially to find the resources to put in place an action plan to lighten his mind.

Download the Guide on Mental Charge




Stop running after time, optimize each task to enjoy life the rest of the time, learn to organize and be effective : It's possible.

I put at your disposal the tools most adapted to your daily life but especially to your mode of operation.



Anger management

Our emotions do not arise from the behavior of others but from us. It is an inner speech that is at the origin of this emotion and that must be changed. Anger born of a frustration that we can not accept. The energy that it mobilizes has a cost on our organism and also on our relationships with others. I will show you how to use this energy to build and solve a problem.



You have to know your stress so you can better manage it. My approach is to teach you how to spot symptoms and be aware of the signs of dysfunction that stress causes in you. Awareness is the first way to start a job.


Business creation

Creating your business generates great excitement but is also associated with many fears : fears of administrative, isolation, not being competent enough, the eyes of others ... Step by step I will guide you in this new adventure. You have all the resources to succeed trust me!

Other subjects
What are the topics of coaching?

Mental stress, organization, anger management, stress, business creation... the topics covered in coaching are many and varied.

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