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Sometimes the balance is upset

Change is permanent, it can be voluntarily desired or not.
In any case it will require an adaptation and create changes in your rules of life but also in your relationships.
All of these changes can upset youre balance in life and these situations can be paralyzing.


Where am I going now?

I encourage you to work on you to progress, find the answers and overcome the difficult obstacles, I will help you:

• Turn your resistance into resources
• Reduce the aspects of the unknown
• Make sense of this change

Managing my emotions

Stress, anger, fears, anxiety ... fighting against these emotions is essential to avoid harmful repercussions on the body and your environment.

Our emotions are not born by the behavior of others but they come from us.
I will guide you to the most appropriate solutions for your profile based on the source of these emotions. I propose to teach you to pay attention to the signs of dysfunction and to change ypur inner discussion that is hurting you today. 

Change of life

Facing difficulties linked to changes: moving, births, divorce, transitions in ones carreer, departure of children …

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